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Al Ahli Entrepreneurs Program

Strengthening the nation by supporting the youths aspirations.

​Empowering the youth helps build the country’s economy by assisting them in setting up their distinctive business ideas through providing them guidance and advice to ensure good management and success. The program is in collaboration with the chamber of commerce, training centers, and universities.  

Number of potential entrepreneurs: 4,800 young men and women​

About the program​

The program is focused towards developing, training and assisting young entrepreneurs and business leaders with unique ideas in establishing their business through training courses over a two week period, whereby each course is followed by three months of follow-up and consultation. The courses are aimed at providing them the basic knowledge of establishing a successful project and giving the necessary guidance and consultations, in addition to helping them get financial assistance for the projects from the financiers, to ensure the success and sustainability of their business.​

Registration Terms

  1. Saudi Man / Saudi Woman
  2. Age 18 - 45 years
  3. Minimum educational qualification
  4. Has an idea or an emerging pilot project
  5. Attendance for 10 days

Registration fee: SAR500​

Course Schedule ​

DateCategoryCity Course Name
21-Jan-19WomenRiyadhHow to start your project
18-Feb-19WomenJeddahHow to start your project
11-Feb-19WomenBuraidahHow to start your project
4-Feb-19​WomenMadinahHow to start your project
18-Feb-19MenDammamHow to start your project
4-Mar-19MenAbhaHow to start your project
18-Mar-19WomenMakkahHow to start your project
18-Mar-19WomenTaboukHow to start your project
25-Mar-19WomenHailHow to start your project
1-Apr-19MenJeddahHow to start your project
1-Apr-19MenRiyadhHow to start your project
8-Apr-19MenYanbuHow to start your project
22-Apr-19MenAlAhsa How to start your project
29-Apr-19WomenJezanHow to start your project
29-Apr-19MenNejranHow to start your project