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We play an active role in humanitarian and charity work


AlAhli Social Programs Saudi Arabia

NCB continuously seeks to perform an active role in humanitarian and charity work and to achieve social solidarity through the design and adoption of innovative programs in order to meet the actual needs of the community through the following programs:

AlAhli Health Programs include:

  • AlAhli Charity Organizations Program
  • AlAhli Orphans' Program
  • AlAhli Voluntary Work Program
  • AlAhli Disabled Program

Charity Organizations

The AlAhli Charity Organizations Program

Since its inception in 2008, NCB has established relationships with charity organizations to better serve the community, with an emphasis on disadvantaged groups.

The AlAhli Charity Organizations Program fosters charity organizations by helping them with financial donations and supporting the services they provide.

The AlAhli Charity Organizations Financing Projects

The Major roll of this program is to support charitable organization though direct monetary subsidies by issuing adequate funds to support the organization activities. The AlAhli Charity Financing Project supports 456 organizations in 177 cites and villages.

The AlAhli Building the capacity of workers in charitable societies projects

This program started in 2010 as collaboration between NCB and the King Khalid Foundation. 438 trainees were enrolled in the program’s customized courses from 73 charitable organizationsin in 32 cities across the kingdom.

Orphan’s Program

The AlAhli Orphans' Program

This program is a collaborative effort between NCB and charity organizations helping orphans' during the school period. This program supports orphans' by giving them stationery and supplies as part of the “School Bag Project”.

The AlAhli School Bag Project

NCB has distributed 147,595 School Bags to orphaned students since 2006

Supporting Honored Students Project

This program encourages orphaned students to continue their excellent performance throughout their educational path by rewarding them with cash incentives. NCB has rewarded 1150 students.

Voluntary Work

The AlAhli Voluntary Work Program

This program provides NCB staff with an opportunity to contribute to society by offering their expertise to charitable institutions and associations.

589 NCB employees took part in the program in 2011.

Disabled Program

The AlAhli Disabled Progr​​am

This program aims at providing support and care for people with special needs.

Through this program, the NCB developed the 'Training & Employment of People With Special Needs Program' in cooperation with the Takatof (Solidarity) Charity Project for the recruitment of people with special needs.

The ALAhli Prosthetic Parts Project

1,661​ prosthetic parts have been distributed through disabled childrens' charity organizations and the Jeddah Center for Speech & Hearing.

The AlAhli Disabled Training & Employment Project

40 deaf females were trained and recruited in 2008 in cooperation with the 'Takatof' project for recruiting disabled people.