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AlAhli Productive Families Program

Building the nation by supporting woman’s aspirations

Empowering woman means empowering half of the society; therefore, NCB designed the Productive Families Program in order to support woman in three main aspects:

  1. Vocational Training: Conducting vocational highly professional and competitive training courses to help women acquire new skills or enhance their current skills, increase their employment opportunities, and raise their standard of living. The courses include weaving, Al Sadu, wicker, bearish, pottery and decoupage.
  2. Microfinance: Providing financial support to women with small businesses or a distinct idea for a small business enabling them to develop the project. NCB offers them soft loans starting from SAR 3,000 to SAR 10,000, with no fees or profit margins.
  3. Marketing: Helping women to market their products throughout the Kingdom through outlets provided by NCB in cooperation with a number of partners.
  4. The number of women targeted to be empowered: 850,036 women.