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We play an active role in supporting health care


AlAhli Health Programs

AlAhli Health Programs support the health care sector in the Kingdom. At NCB we believe it is our social responsibility to contribute to bettering the health of the nation.

AlAhli Health Programs include:

  • AlAhli Medical Equipment Program
  • AlAhli Medical Units Program
  • AlAhli Health Awareness Program
  • AlAhli Charitable Medical Treatment Program

Medical Equipment

The AlAhli Medical Equipment Program 

The AlAhli Medical Equipment Program was initiated to support non-profit health institutions that provide free medical treatment to patients. We support the development of their services, contribute to increasing patient capacity, and help them enhance the level of service provided. The AlAhli Equipment Program has installed 258 Dialysis Machines in 44 government hospitals in 27 cities across the Kingdom.

Medical Units

The AlAhli Medical Units Program

The AlAhli Medical Units Program was set up to focus on the Emergency care (first aid) at medical facilities associated with the Saudi Red Crescent. The Program has established mobile intensive care units to serve patients residing within certain areas.

1. Intensive Care Ambulance Project

The Intensive Care Ambulance Project has provided 4 highly specialized ambulances to the Saudi Red Crescent for use in its' mobile intensive care units.​

2. Baby Incubator Project

The Baby Incubator Project was launched in 2010, in collaboration with NCB, the Ministry of Health and the Neonatal Medicine organization. 15 incubators have been installed in the Wady AlDawaser and Bisha hospitals.

Health Awareness 

The AlAhli Health Awareness Program

The AlAhli Health Awareness Program works together with the Saudi Red Crescent Society to raise health awareness among all segments of society.

1. Diabetes Side Effects Awareness Project

The Diabetes Side Effects Awareness Project has helped 784 patients by increasing their awareness of the health risks associated with diabetes and the necessity for better daily management of the disease.

2. First AID Course Project

The First AID Course Projects has trained 37, 708 people about the steps they should follow in an emergency situation since its inception.

The AlAhli Charitable Medical Treatment Program

The AlAhli Charitable Medical Treatment Program offers financial aid to disadvantaged patients in need of medical treatment (308 patients have been treated).