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Supporting education and academic achievement


AlAhli Education Programs

AlAhli Education Programs are designed to support educational efforts in order to enhance academic achievement. The overall objective of the AlAhli Education Program is to offer trainees scientific and practical knowledge through the following: 

  • AlAhli PC Labs Program
  • AlAhli Educational Development Program
  • AlAhli Endowed Chairs Program


PC Labs

AlAhli PC Labs Program for Universities​

24 PC Labs have been built in 14 university covered 10 cities across the Kingdom.

AlAhli PC Labs Program for Blind Students

The AlAhli Labs Program for Blind Students was initiated in 2008-2009 when NCB installed computer Labs in the Al Noor Institute for the Blind as well as in mainstream schools integrating the Blind. The AlAhli Labs Program was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and now has 26 Labs in 11 cities across the Kingdom.


NCB Educational Development Programs

The AlAhli Educational Development Program 

The AlAhli Educational Development Program was designed to assist male and female students who wish to complete their studies. It facilitates their enrolment in the best educational institutes which provide certificates accredited by government authorities.

  • Instructors Development and Training Project, (134 male & female teachers were trained in 2009)
  • Imagine Cup Project, (2000 male & female students have taken part in this project since 2009)
  • Forming Specialized Education Center Projects, (30 Centers have been established since the program started in 2010)
  • Needy Families’ Members Training Project, (665 male & female students have been trained in this project since 2010)
  • Supporting Saudi Injaz Project, (46,938​ ​male & female students have been trained within the Saudi “Injaz” Initiative since 2007)
  • College Scholarships Program (9 Students from 3 public universities have been benefited to complete their Bachelor degree during 2006-2007) 

Endowed Chairs

AlAhli Endowed Chairs Program

The AlAhli Endowed Chairs Program plays a vital role in enriching knowledge and developing thought in the area of Scientific Research. The Program is funded by individuals, institutions or corporations and is supervised by specialized professors in an effort to support scientific education and research.

  •  Breast Cancer studies chair in Dammam University
  •  CSR chair in King Saud University in Riyadh
  • Finance & Islamic Banking chair in KFUPM​