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About CR in NCB

We are committed to being the leading joint stock company in the field of Corporate Responsibility

About CR in NCB

What Corporate Responsibility means to NCB

NCB has been a pioneer in leading and supporting initiatives in the community, in 2004 NCB became the first bank in the Kingdom to initiate a dedicated team to community service.

Our goal is to serve the community by improving the local and national economy, education and health.

In 2009 the scope grew to include all stakeholders and suppliers by encouraging them to take an interest in the environment and nature resource sustainability.

NCB's role does not rise from profitability calculations, rather, it stems from being a key part of the local community. Being aware of social and religious responsibilities is a pillar of NCB's strategy.

NCB positively strives for successful mutual relationship between the development of the society and the success of major institutions. With the belief that the more advanced the society becomes, the more achievements are realized.

NCB recognizes the importance of its role as a major employer in the private sector in supporting the national development drive.

Within the community NCB endeavors to improve the skills of Saudi nationals through training and capacity development and to help them to overcome whatever barriers they face; these programs include support for low-income and poor families, orphans and persons with special needs.

Additionally, NCB provides support and help to charity associations and organizations involved in this field. To this effect, NCB harnessed all its financial, human and technical capacities and resources.

Our CR Vision

To be the leading joint stock company in the field of Corporate Responsibility

Our CR Mission

To introduce Creative, Innovative, Non-Profit CR programs that contribute to the country’s development

NCB's CR Strategic Goals

Contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate by creating job opportunities for Saudi nationals