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​​Our Br​and​

Helping you realize tomorrow, the SNB brand is human-centric and future-focused. At the brand core lives our essence, the commitment to serve you, to empower our community, and to advance humanity.​

Our Visual Identity​

Please download the required official files through the below:​​

​Intelligent presence. Everything we do is rooted in a fine balance between preemptive support and personal space. Our service is built around our customers, responsive to their needs, and completely discreet and seamless. Just like a shadow to our customer, always there but never in the way – a depiction of their every feature and an aura that surrounds them wherever they go.

​The SNB brand is expected to be there, immediately when needed, ahead of what ‘others’ offer – a simpler and smarter ally with enabling actions. We live to provide a seamless and proactive banking experience that truly delivers on the aspirations, achievements, and legacy of each and every individual.

​Every individual, business, family, and entrepreneur are on their own track. Life is a series of paths… A network of routes and directions, each as wonderful and unique as the other. Each deserving of attention and care, each to be taken into account, each embraced and ushered on to the next great milestone. samlessly and intelligently. 

The SNB brand promise banking that takes account of every path​

We are deeply embedded and woven into the very fabric of this country. Aware of people’s paths, large enough but human enough to help realize them.

The SNB brand is adaptive, flexible, and fluid, simultaneously integrating elements of care and responsiveness, sensitivity and responsibility.


Scenarios will be charted and the best options mapped out for you, sensitively and responsibly.


We set the standard in service and in serving our community. We raise the bar in how we act and how we speak – a source of pride for all of us.


You​r concerns will be heard and your needs will be met. We are here to save you time and trouble.


We exploit the power of technology to deliver on our promise of shadowing your every need

​Our ingrained culture reveals our personality, a manifest character – not just superficial brand traits. Therefore, SNB is:


Every bank understands finance. Only one is the expert in your needs, aspirations, and ambitions.


A friend and ally in every SNB team member. You can rely on that.


The big bank of Saudi Arabia – a bedrock of our economy and for decades the go-to financial institution of our nation’s people.


Every space we inhabit – online and off – is yours: a place for connection and comfort.

​Having an intelligent presence in every individual path is our central promise.

We interpret this new philosophy by understanding what ‘tomorrow’ means. It’s not abstract, it’s not far away, it’s not the same for all of us.

The future is, in fact, real… it’s happening today. And it’s infinitely diverse.

We join you on the path towards your future, one defined by actions. Not words.

We are the Bank for your next move, motivating and helping you focus on the future that makes most sense to you. The future that is here and now. 

Realize tomorrow...