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Credit Card Offers

Special and exclusive offers for our customer with NCB Islamic Credit Cards!

Credit Card Offers

credit card Offers​​​

Enjoy the best & exclusive offers, specially tailored for our customers with NCB Islamic Credit Cards.

​​Annual Profit Rate

  • 24% for customers with monthly income SR4,000 and above
  • 28.8% for customers with monthly income between SR2,500 – 3,999

​Annual Profit Rate Calculation 

Profit rate is calculated on a daily basis on the outstanding balance not fully paid by the payment due date 

Click on any of the offers shown below to view details

Just received your new credit card!

Don’t miss the Chance to Get Extra Cash Rewards or Earn Free Miles

Just received your new credit card!

​Now get extra cash rewards or free miles with Amyali or Tayeseer Credit Cards, above the regular miles and rewards. Activate and use your newly applied NCB Credit Card.

To obtain your extra cash rewards or your free miles activate your credit card now (by following the mentioned steps below) and use them on purchase transaction as listed in the schedule.

Rewards details for NCB Credit Cards: 

​Card type

​Card Class


​Minimum purchases entitled for reward


​Classic & Gold

​SR 300

​SR 10,000


​Titanium & Platinum

​SR 700

​SR 20,000



​25,000 Miles

​SR 10,000


​Titanium & Platinum

​50,000 Miles

​SR 20,000​

  * Total purchase transaction​

Apply Now​

​Activation steps: 

- For customers registered in NCB’s phone banking:

- Call 920001000
- Enter your personal number consisting of 8 digits
- Enter your PIN number consisting of 4 digits 
- Choose number 2 for Credit Card assistance 
- Choose number 4 to activate your card ​

​- For customers not registered in NCB’s phone banking: 

- Call 920001000

- Choose language 

- Talk to customer service to activate your card​

- For customers registered in Alahli online:

- Log on to your Alahli online

- Select Alahli Cards 

- Select Credit Card services 

- Select Activate Credit Card 

- Enter your Credit Card Number 

- Click On Activate 

- Click on Confirm to activate​

Terms & Condition:

- This offer is for Tayseer and Amyali  credit card approved & issued in 2014

- The card should be activated within 70 days from issuing date

- Minimum spend (total purchase transaction) must be spent during the first 3 month from activation date

- The minimum spend includes purchase only (local, international and/or online)

- The extra rewards will be credited within 60 days after criteria validation 

- Renewed reissued and / or supplementary cards are not included in the offer


Future Lab Offer

Future Lab Offer

Use your NCB Credit Cards at Future Lab and get:

  • Special rate for different packages & checkups
  • Discount: 30% on other internal lab tests.
  • To the member and his family.
  • Free membership in Golden Elite Card

Offer Period: 21 June 2014 - 21 June 2015

For more information:

Future Lab Toll Free: 920002420


Mize Offer

Use your NCB Credit Cards at Mize and enjoy the following:

Mize Offer

• Up to 33% discount on Toyota parts

• Up to 35% discount on Hyundai parts

• 40% discount on labor cost

• 3 month insurance on auto parts and service or until 15,000km is reached 

• Appointment/service priority to NCB Credit Card holders

• Free car wash to all cars being serviced in Mize

• Mize will provide an alternative car when car is in service

You can also convert your reservations to 0% installments “Alaa Dofaat​” ​​

Offer Period: 21 June 2015 

For more information:

Call Mize service center: 920004745​


Medical Reference Eye Center Offer

Use your NCB Credit Cards at Medical Reference Eye Center and get:

Medical Reference Eye Center Offer
  • Discount 20% on Eye Lasik SR 5,500 instead of  SR 7,000
  • Discount 20% on Femto Second Lasik SR 7,500 instead of  SR 9,500
  • Discount 30% on I Design SR 1,750 instead of  SR 2,500
  • Discount 25% on Specialist Consultation Visits & all other Eye Operations 

You can also convert your purchases into 0% Installments through Alaa Dofaat program at Medical Reference Eye Center

Alaa Dofaat​” 

Offer Period: 11 December 2014 – 31 August 2015

For more information:

Call Medical Reference Eye Center service center : 920001476


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