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Whether you want to renovate your home, plan your vacation, complete your children's education or whatever your finance target may be, NCB Personal Finance meets and achieves all of your aspirations.


  • The customer must be employed in a company in the public or private sector which transfers the salaries of their employees to  NCB via "SARIE" system for payroll.
  • The customer must have an active portfolio in case he wants to transfer the shares to his portfolio
  • Minimum monthly salary:  SR 3,000 for Saudis and SR 4,000 for non-Saudis.**
  • Employment period must not be less than one month for (Saudis in the gov sector), and 3 months for (Saudis in the big 5  & non-Saudis in the government and big 5) , and 1 year for (Saudis & non Saudis in the private sector)
  • Minimum age of applicant  is 18 years old at the date of submission of application and must be less than  60 years old  at the date of last installment for Saudis***
  • Minimum age of applicant is 22 years old at the date of submission of  application and must be less than 60 years old at the date of last installment for non-Saudis **

To know more about NCB Corporate Personal Finance details, please visit the Personal Finance for corporate and SME staff webpage​​​​​

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* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual percentage rate starts from 3.30% for the financing of five years.

The management fee of 1% of the amount of funding and no more than 5,000 Saudi Riyals​


Committee with NCB

  • The Sharia'h Committee is an independent committee of the National Commercial Bank specializing in Islamic law. The Board consists of senior scholars who are familiar with the religious sciences, economic, legal and banking systems as well as Islamic banking. The Board is responsible for issuing legal rulings to whatever work-related cases and topics arise, as well as supervise all administration and branches work to ensure that they are consistent with the provisions of Islamic law.
  • All National Commercial Bank sectors and departments offering Islamic banking products are committed to comply with the decisions and resolutions of the Shariah Fatwa and Supervisory Board.


  1. Completed Application Form
  2. A copy of your ID card or Iqama
  3. A letter from your employer that includes: job type, date of employment and monthly income.​


All sale and purchase operations need only a simple push of a button in the system by an officer of the Bank, to be traded in the market at the market price. 

This service is compatible with the provisions of Islamic law and approved by the Sharia'h Committee.

This product has been reviewed and approved by the distinguished members of the Sharia'h Committee, namely:

  • Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman Almanea             Chairman
  • Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Muslih      Board member
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Eid al-Ali Alqari              Board member


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  • How will I know if my NCB Personal Finance has been approved?

    ​You will receive a SMS on your registered mobile phone.​

  • Why should I update my mobile number? And what should I do if I do not receive my approval SMS?

    ​You must update your mobile number when applying for financing in order to receive your approval SMS. If you fail to receive your approval SMS please contact a NCB Customer Service representative.​

  • How long will it take to receive my finance approval?

    ​Finance applications received by the Finance Center before 4:30 PM will be reviewed and an SMS will be sent to you on the same day. Applications received after 4:30 PM will not be reviewed until the following working day.​​

  • What are the possible reasons for not receiving my SMS?

    1.Your applic​ation may not have been approved yet.

    2.All applications are processed in a central location therefore your application could be waiting in a queue for approval. Plea​se make sure you apply before 3 PM to ensure same day approval.

    3.There might be some delay with your SMS service provider.​​​

  • What are the exact steps I should take if I do not receive my approval SMS?

    ​SMS approval is automatically sent after your application is approved. If you applied before 3 PM and have not received your SMS within 2 hours please contact a NCB Customer Service Representative for assistance.​​

  • When will I have access to my approved finance?

    ​You will only have access to your finance after receiving your SMS approval.​​

  • Which mobile number should I use when calling the broker?

    ​You can use any of your registered NCB AlAhli Phone numbers to call the broker.​​

  • What will happen if I do not call the broker at all?

    ​If the broker is not contacted within the specified period (as per the Undertaking and Authorization/ Ta'ahud Wa Tafweed form) then he/she automatically has the right to sell the commodity. The broker will inform NCB of the sale and your account will be credited.​​

  • How long does it take after the sale of commodities for my account to be credited?

    ​If the transaction is completed before 5 PM your account will be credited on the same day. However your account wont be credited until the following working day on transactions completed after 5 PM.​

  • What should I do if I don't want to sell my commodities?

    Call the broker a​​nd select the collecting the commodities option

    Collect your Commodity Certificate from the NCB branch you applied at. Please note that it takes 3 working days to generate Commodity Certificates.​​

    Contact the broker as described in the Commodity Certificate to collect your commodities.​​​

  • Can I sell a portion of my commodities and collect the rest?

    ​If you have an outstanding loan with NCB you must sell off your commodities in their entirety. However if your loan has been fully paid you may sell off your commodities as you like.​​​

  • How many days does it take to obtain a Commodity Certificate?

    ​Commodity Certifica​​​tes take 3 working days to generate and can be obtained by visiting the NCB Branch you applied at.​​

  • Who bears the cost of transferring and shipping commodities from the brokers warehouse?

    ​The cost of transferring and shipping commodities is the customers responsibility.​​

  • In case the customer contacts the dealer within allowable timeframe days after the approval, does the customer pay storage fees?

    ​No, the customer will not pay storage fees.​​

  • Where are the physical commodities kept?

    Commodities are ho​used with the broker:

    Omar Kasim Al​-Esayi Establishment

    Madinah Road, Al-Bogh​​dadeyya Al-Gharbeyya Dist. Jeddah

    telephone: 02/6448282 ext. 125 or 119)​​​

  • What happens if I enter the wrong Pin number when contacting the broker?

    ​You have 3 attempts to enter the correct PIN number. If all 3 attempts fail you will have to visit a NCB ATM to reset your PIN.​​​

  • Do I have to activate NCB's AlAhli Phone service?

    ​Yes, you must activate NCB's AlAhli Phone Service.​​

  • Can NCB sell commodities on behalf of the customer?

    ​No, the Shariah Board requirements stipulate that only the customer handle their commodities.​​

  • Can I sell my commodities via NCB’s web site or at a NCB ATM?

    ​No, commodities can only be sold through the broker.​​

  • What should I do if I am unable to contact the broker?

    ​If after several attempts you are unable to contact the broker, please call the NCB Branch where you logged your application to speak with a Customer Service Representative.​​

  • Are my details such as my account and PIN number secure?

    ​Yes, brokers verify details through a NCB encrypted channel.​​

  • Do I need to contact the broker if I want to cancel my loan application?

    ​No, however you do have to contact the NCB Branch where you logged your application to cancel it.​​

Investing in Local Commodities

NCB selects rice as local commodities that is traded daily on the Saudi Market. This makes it easy for customers to resell what they have already bought with a small difference between the price of purchase from the bank & the price of selling to the market.

SAMA Regulations for Consumer Finance ​​


Fulfill Your Dreams

Tayseer AlAhli offers:

  • Sharia Compliance
  • Instant Approval
  • Payment programs with easy installments for up to 5 years
  • Possible Top-up financing
  • Deferred installments during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Insurance in case of death or disability
  • Repayment period up to 60 months

* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual percentage rate starts from 3.30% for the financing of five years.

The management fee of 1% of the amount of funding and no more than 5,000 Saudi Riyals​



  1. Completed Application Form
  2. A copy of your ID card or Iqama
  3. A letter from your employer that includes: job type, date of employment and monthly income.

1. Application Phase:

  • Provide the required documents
  • Specifying the details of the finance (finance amount, tenure, profit margin, monthly installment)
  • Sign the application form
  • Obtain immediate approval
  • Sign the contract

2. Application execution & Commodity ownership phase:

  • Firstly you will receive SMS approval
  • The SMS will contain the name & phone number of the broker
  • Then you must decide to either sell or collect your commodities

3. Call the broker:

  • Call the broker using the number supplied.
  • Use your 8 digit NCB account number and your 4 digit pin number to identify yourself.
  • Choose one of the following:

Sell the commodity and deposit the proceeds into your account or,

Collect the Commodity directly from the broker​

For more information please contact a NCB Customer Service Representative on: 8002441005​

One of the most important advantages of Personal Finance via local shares is the customer's access to cash within 15 minutes of sending the request, through buying the shares then selling them immediately or transferring them to the customer's trading portfolio. All buy & sell /transfer transactions are carried out by a simple push of a button, which gives instruction to the stock-trading system to trade the shares in the market at their direct price. This enables the customer to complete the purchase &sale /transfer operations while being present in the bank branch.


It is a Sharia'h compliant financing formula, based on selling local stocks, where the bank buys and owns the stocks and afterward sells them to the customer on credit at the cost price plus the agreed profit margin.  The customer shall have the right to dispose those shares by reselling them and getting the fund or retaining them in his portfolio.


Please visit one of our branches to get your Personal Finance immediately

  • Compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Obtaining finance within 15 minutes.
  • Immediate cash deposit to the customer's account in case of selling.
  • Freedom to keep the shares for investment or to get cash to meet your needs.
  • The amount of "Tayseer Alahli" local shares ranges from 5000 Riyal up to half million Riyal.
  • Easy installments repayment programs for periods up to 5 years.
  • Possibility of postponing the installment of the month of Ramadan.
  • Insurance in the event of disability or death.
  • Financing 2 in 1 (Personal Finance and Residential Finance for maximum benefit).
  • The need for a sponsor is not required.
  • Management fees 1% of the amount of financing and not exceeding SAR 5000 maximum


Stage 1: Applying stage:

  • The customer  visits the Bank branch to apply 
  • The customer  submits the required documents
  • The customer  identifies the required finance (amount of finance, period of finance, profit margin, monthly installment)
  • The customer  identifies way of getting the shares (sell/transfer)
  • The customer  chooses one of the approved and Shariah-compliant share lists
  • The customer  signs the application form printed from the system
  • The customer  gets the initial approval

Stage 2: Application execution stage and getting the financing:​

  • Upon approval, the customer will be notified by SMS
  • The Bank branch staff will buy stocks from the market (at the market price) and then print the contract and its addendums
  • When the customer signs all the documents, the branch officer will execute a sale/transfer of shares order as agreed earlier by the customer.
  • Orders  for sale/transfer of shares:

Order for sale/transfer of shares

  1. Sale: The Bank officer will sell shares after the customer signed the contract which includes a mandate to sell the shares, and the amount will be deposited in the payroll account.
  2. Transfer: The Bank officer will request the transfer of shares from the Bank's portfolio to the customer's portfolio. (Customer must have an active portfolio to complete shares transfer option).

* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual percentage rate starts from 3.30% for the financing of five years.

The management fee of 1% of the amount of funding and no more than 5,000 Saudi Riyals​


Make your investments work. Now you can get trouble free financing by applying for a personal finance guaranteed by funds / investment portfolios. 


  • Copy of national ID or residence permit valid for (30 days).
  • Age: not less than (18) years, and not more than (75 years as a maximum).
  • Installments: monthly - quarterly - semi-annual - annual - two years after maturity - three years after maturity.
  • Tenure: Minimum (3) months and a maximum of 36 months.
  • Amount of financing: minimum (15,000 Riyals), and maximum (3,000,000).
  • Type of Warranty : fund accounts / investment portfolios in the National Commercial Bank, or NCB Capital and a pledge to making it a guarantee to the benefit of the National Commercial Bank.
  • Amount of guarantee: Obligation on an amount from funds account / investment portfolios according to the quality of the account and the amount of Loan for each specific account covering the total value (the amount of financing + Profit).
  • Nationality: Saudis and Residents.
  • Administrative fees: 1% of the finance amount, maximum of SAR 5000.
  • Guarantee accounts: more than one account can be accepted provided that the funds belong to one account.
  • Possibility of early repayment. 

Payment mechanismAutomatic debiting from the customer's account is mandatory.
Early repayment

Early repayment is performed at the customer's request and the source of repayment amount is as follows: 

  • Liquidate the Fund's account / portfolios on which funding has been granted. 
  • From the customer's current account if it covers the required amount.

Allows the customer to change the guarantee account under the following conditions:

  • That the fund account / new investment portfolios, which he wants to be the funding guarantee, are from the approved list. 
  • That the amounts of balance in the fund account / new investment portfolios cover the total amount of remaining funding.

How to apply:

  • ​The customer visits the NCB branch to apply for the loan.
  • The customer  submits the required documents.
  • The customer  identifies the required finance (amount of finance, period of finance, annual profit rate, How to pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi annually, annually, every two years or at the end of the loan period).​

* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual percentage rate starts from 3.30% for the financing of five years.

The management fee of 1% of the amount of funding and no more than 5,000 Saudi Riyals​


Extended Finance

Is a personal finance program compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia that gives customers who are about to retire bigger amount of finance with repayment duration up to five years beyond the retirement age.

Features And Benefits:

Extended Finance Program is characterized by the following:

  1. Bigger amount of finance
  2. Financing period extends beyond the retirement age (total duration of finance up to 5 years)
  3. Competitive annual profit rate 
  4. Access to cash within 15 minutes
  5. The program includes New and Top-Up Finance 
  6. Compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia
  7. Exempting heirs of entitlements in the event of death or total disability (God forbid)

Required documents and procedures:

  • National Identity Card must be provided.
  • Letter of Identification from the employer that includes payroll and job information and joining date.


  • Applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • Applicant must be at the age of a minimum of 40 years and a maximum of 59 years.
  • The remaining period to reach the retirement age must be less than five years.
  • The minimum salary is SR 6250
  • The deposit of salary must be continued after retirement in the customer’s account in the National Commercial Bank.
  • Applicant must be a governmental sector employee.

* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual percentage rate starts from 3.30% for the financing of five years.

The management fee of 1% of the amount of funding and no more than 5,000 Saudi Riyals​


The National Commercial Bank gives the corporates and SMEs who are not added to the NCB list of approved companies for personal finance product a distinguished opportunity to be added to the list. This comes as a part of the banking services offered to our customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Approval on listing the Corporate/SME as one of the Approved companies with the Bank;
  • Corporate/SME staff will be able to get PF and RF from NCB after being added to the list (terms and conditions apply);
  • Special offers for corporate/SME staff​

Program Requirements

If the corporate/SME is interested in becoming part of the NCB approved list of companies for PF, the following requirements must be met:​

      1. Fill in and attach the Payroll Profile Sheet
      2. Attach 3-year audited financial statements
      3. Attach a copy of the Establishment's commercial register
      4. Attach a Salary Transfer and Fixing Certificate​ on the company's letterhead stamped by the Chamber of Commerce
      5. Attach Nitaqat report (and attaching Alnitaq color page)​
      6. Send the induction request along with the required attachments to email (​
The application will be processed and the result will be shared within 15 working days.

If the application is approved, the following actions will be taken:

  • Send welcoming SMS to the company's employees and officers, as well as the relation managers in NCB (if the contact list is available)
  • In cooperation with the company's officer in charge and RM at NCB, an internal communication shall be circulated to the company's employees;
  • Coordinate direct sales teams to visit the company's premises (subject to opportunity).

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