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Multi Factor Authentication

Highest standards for your banking security

Multi Factor Authentication


AlAhliToken is an alternative method to the "One Time Password" authentication method, allowing you faster access to your accounts. offers a higher level of security, saving you time whilst protecting your financial information.

Download AlAhliToken onto your mobile phone through your smart phone application store (Google Play, or Blackerry App World, or the IOS App Store), and you will receive random codes allowing you instant access to your accounts.

* Subscription to this feature is optional. You can also transfer AlAhliToken from one mobile phone to another free of charge.

Getting started


  1. Login to AlAhliOnline and chose Profile Settings, then AlAhliToken:
  2. Click on "Request a new token"
  3. Select the Account to deduct the fees from

* You can also request to AlAhliToken via Phone Banking​


To complete registering AlAhliToken please follow the steps below:

  1. Using AlAhliToken application screen on your smart device,
  2. Enter the Serial Number and Activation Code from AlAhliOnline
  3. Click on the “Save” button in the application to generate the Registration Code
  4. Make sure to record the Registration Code, you will need it for Activation​


  1. Visit the nearest NCB ATM to activate the service as follows:
  2. Enter your AlAhli Debit Card and PIN
  5. Enter the Registration Code and confirm​​


A one-time subscription fee is required for "AlAhliToken" which is SR 25.

To be able to register to this feature:

  • You must have at least one active NCB account in Saudi Riyals.
  • You must have the "AlAhliToken" application downloaded onto your mobile phone


AlAhliSMS One Time Password is a secure 4 digit password sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

This feature aims to add more security to your banking transactions by re-confirming your identity every time you login to your account and conduct a financial transaction.

Get Started

To receive AlAhliSMS One Time Password, you need to correctly register your mobile number by visitng any of our branches.


This feature will further protect your financial information by allowing you to select a picture that will indicate that you are on the official AlAhliOnline website every time you login to your account.

This added level of authentication guarantees that you are on the actual AlAhliOnline website (and not a phishing website); therefore, further protecting your financial information and transactions.

*Registration is mandatory for all AlAhliOnline users.

How to Register

After logging into AlAhliOnline, go to the security settings and select one of the available images to be your site key.

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