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Mada Debit Card from NCB is your key to access the most advance services of your account,  either to complete purchases, money transfer, bill payment or many other services to assure fast and easy management on the go. It also provides the security you need to keep your account information safe using high security standards.​

Card Contents

Security Features:

  • All data is encrypted and secure.
  • Does not get affected by magnetic fields generated from Mobile Phones.
  • Secure card data if card was lost or stolen.​

Safe keeping your Card & PIN:

  • Do not write your PIN number on the card.
  • Do not share your PIN with other individuals verbally, through email, SMS or Social Media.
  • Choose a different PIN number for each card you own.
  • Make sure to change your PIN regularly, especially after a vacation abroad.
  • Cover the PIN pad with your hand when using a POS (Point of Sales) Terminal or an ATM Machine.
  • Do not expose the card to heat sources or direct sunlight (i.e. leaving your card in the car seat).
  • Avoid getting the card in contact with alcoholic substances such as perfumes or house cleaners.
  • Keep your card out of reach of children.
  • Make sure you notify the bank to deactivate your lost or stolen Debit Card though the toll free number 92000 1000, AlahliOnline or AlahliMobile.

Use your Mada Debit Card from NCB​ as a safer way to complete your purchases through various Point of Sale terminals available in millions of stores around the world. Also withdraw cash or perform balance inquiry transactions from over one million ATMs around the world. 

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These services are available at Retail Stores or ATMs that have one of the logos below :

Features & Benefits

  • Local and International ATM Cash Withdrawal.
  • Local and International POS purchase.
  • “Naqd” service which enables the cardholder to withdraw up to SAR 400 cash when conducting a POS transaction. This service aims to save cardholders the hassle of going to ATM machines as well as minimizing cash kept with merchants.
  • Cash Deposit (NCB Cash Deposit Machines Only).
  • Money Transfer to NCB or Other Banks.
  • SADAD Bill Payment.
  • AlAhli Credit Card Payment.
  • AlAhliOnline and AlAhliMobile access.​

You can also use the services below through our alternative channels ( AlahliOnline, AlahliMobile and AlahliPhone)

  • Deactivate the Card.
  • Re-issue the Card.
  • View transaction history and export it to your computer.
  • Link the Card to another account for the same customer.
  • Change the daily POS (Point of Sales) limit up to SAR 60,000

Daily Limit

Now you can increase your daily Debit Card limit for POS purchases, whether you are in the Kingdom or abroad, from the current daily limit of 20,000 riyals to any of the limits below:

  • SAR 30,000
  • SAR 40,000
  • SAR 50,000
  • SAR 60,000

Service Benefits

  • The ability to perform local or international transactions up to SAR 60,000 through POS Terminals.
  • Ability to control the daily limit of any of your Cards.
  • Ability change back the limit as desired.
  • Immediate service activation.  ​

How to Obtain the Service

The customer can change the daily limit through the following channels:

  • AlAhliPhone.
  • AlahliOnline.
  • AlahliMobile.

How to Change the limit through AlAhliPhone:

  1. Call Phone Banking System, Enter your Customer Number & Password.
  2. Press on No 1 to enter <<Bank Accounts>>.
  3. Press on No 4 to enter <<Debit Card Services>>.
  4. Press on No 3 to enter <<Change POS Daily Limits>>.
  5. System will ask you to enter last 4 digits of your Debit Card (in case of having more than one card).
  6. System will give you all Limit Options available.
  7. System will ask for your confirmation after changing the limit.​

​How to Change the Daily Limit through AlahliOnline:

  1. Visit AlahliOnline, enter your Username & Password.
  2. Enter the code from the SMS message to login.
  3. Click on <<Accounts>>.
  4. Click on <<Debit Card Services>>.
  5. All cards will appear on the screen.
  6. Choose the card you wish to change its limit.
  7. Click on <<POS Transaction Limit>> button.
  8. Click on the <<Desired Limit Amount>> Option.
  9. Choose the amount from the dropdown menu.
  10. Click on <<OK>>.​

How to Change the Daily Limit through AlahliMobile:

  1. Open AlahliMobile, Enter your Username & Password.
  2. Enter the SMS Code you received to login.
  3. Click on <<Accounts>>.
  4. Click on <<Debit Cards>>.
  5. All linked cards will appear on the screen.
  6. Choose the card you wish to change its limit.
  7. Click on <<POS Transaction Limit>> button.
  8. Click on the <<Desired Limit Amount>> Option.
  9. Select the amount from dropdown menu.
  10. Click on <<Finish>>.​

Mada Debit Card from NCB​


Afaaq Exuctive

Tajir AlAhli



Private Banking

We’ll Take Care of It​

Enter the draw when using your Mada Debit Card locally or internationally and win back up to SAR 8,000 of your purchases.

Chances are calculated as follows:​
​Transaction Type​Chances Minimum​​Value
​International POS and ATM ​1​SAR 100
​GCC POS and ATM ​1​SAR 100
​Local POS ​1​​SAR 50

Prizes : 

​Prize​Details​​Number of Winners
​Up to SAR 8,000 Cashback​Int’l Draw Winners​60
​Up to SAR 4,000 Cashback​Local Draw Winners​60

Campaign Period:

From 15 August 2017 to 15 December 2017

Terms and Conditions :

  • Only Mass, Wessam Gold, and Wessam Platinum cardholders are included in the draw.
  • Cashback applies on amounts spent during the campaign using Mada Debit Card based on the table above.
  • If the contestant breaches or breaks any of the terms and conditions of the contest and/or conditions of the product, NCB has the right to disqualify the contestant or the winner at any stage of the contest. Moreover, NCB has the right to replace the contestant or the winner by other winners at the sole and exclusive discretion of NCB.                
  • The Contestant is not entitled to enter in the contest for more than once, and in the case of repetition of the competitors name; he shall be entitled to win the first prize only.             
  • To enter the contest, the contestant shall sign and submit all the necessary forms and other legal documents that may be required from him by NCB. Winning contests shall also be required by NCB to sign documents prior to releasing the contest prize to him.
  • NCB is entitled to forfeit the Winner if the said prize is not claimed from NCB within 30 days from the date of publication of winner’s names in any Saudi newspaper of general circulation or on the official website of NCB. Forfeited prizes may be awarded to other winners at the sole and exclusive discretion of NCB. 
  • NCB is entitled at any stage of the contest to eliminate the contestant and/or disqualify the winner at NCB’s sole discretion in the case of false applications or information, and it shall be considered breach of contest rules. Any breach of the contest rules will also result to forfeiture of the right to claim the prize.  NCB has the right to replace the winning contestant at its sole and exclusive discretion.
  • Non – Submission or presentation of valid ID (Iqama/ Passport) is considered a breach of contest rules.                                                
  • The wining contestant shall not have the right to replace his prize with cash or another prize.
  • All transfers conducted within NCB shall not be accounted for.   
  • NCB client (contestant) acknowledges that the electronic records of NCB serves as conclusive evidence in all courts and committees and government agencies.
  • All Terms and Conditions، or /and the Agreements and its Annexes and documents signed between the two parties shall apply in regards of any bank product or/and service.  ​         
  • In case of discrepancy or conflict between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic text shall prevail.                
  • The winning contestant hereby grants the National Commercial Bank an irrevocable authorization without any limitations or conditions or time limit to exploit my name, personal picture and my voice in press releases, advertising campaigns and any Event or occurrence, or a personal story associated with this award, and shall waive all my rights to any reward or financial compensation.    
  • NCB staff are not allowed to enter the draw​.


Use your Debit Card in any of Al Ahram travel agency branches

and gain an instant discount of

  • ​7% discount for all NCB Debit Cardholders.
  • 10% discount for Wessam and Private Banking Debit Cardholders

Offer duration: from 1st of March – 31st of December 2017

Offer terms:

Discounts are available for the following services only

  • Travel Packages (flight and stay)
  • Hotels Bookings​​


Each time you use your Mada Debit Card from Alahli within the Kingdom you will gain one chance to enter the draw to win one of 5 cash prizes each valued at SAR 10,000

Using your Card to complete your purchases is safer than carrying cash, it also allows you to track your expenses at any time.


  1. Only Mass, 3alamy, Afaaq, Afaaq Executive, Wessam Gold, and Wessam Platinum cardholders are included in the draw.
  2. Cardholders gain 1 chance per local POS transaction.
  3. Winners can only win once during the campaign.
  4. By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to announce his/her name on NCB social media channels and NCB website.
  5. Unreachable winners will be discarded and replaced by another drawn winner, after one month from the draw date.
  6. ​NCB staff are not allowed to enter the draw.​

NCB All Rights Reserved 2017