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Personalized Banking Solutions for Private Banking

Between your business and your personal lives, every day brings you new needs and further demands, and the fast pace of life urges you to delegate some of your countless responsibilities. Hence, you search for a qualified partner that you can trust to answer your needs and to keep up with your busy lifestyle. 

Today, NCB Private Banking offers you comprehensive services to help you in all aspects, standing by you as a reliable partner that gives you financial advice, investment guidance and confidently caters to all your needs and requests. Because we know the size of your businesses and the nature of your fast life, we bring you world-class banking solutions that live up to your standards and that save you the time you need to focus on your achievements and to realize your successes. ​

We designed our Private Banking services to offer you innovative, state-of-the-art banking solutions to manage your wealth, assets, financing and investments. Our services are provided to you by highly qualified Relationship Managers who offer you invaluable advice based on the highest standards of professionalism and knowledge. Furthermore, our banking, investment and wealth management products and services are customized to meet all of your banking needs -from Current Account and Credit Cards to Time Deposits and Trading Facilities. You will benefit from:

  • Expert Relationship Manager on banking services
  • Dedicated Wealth Manager for your investment needs
  • Special Private Banking ATM card
  • A waiver on credit card fees
  • A dedicated toll-free number: 8007600000 available 24 hours a day

Customized banking that empowers your business

As an NCB Private Banking client, you are invited to enjoy banking expertise through tailor-made banking solutions. You can choose from the following range of exclusive banking products and services:

  • Sophisticated deposit solutions
  • An exclusive debit card
  • Time deposit account options
  • Khayrat: our Shariah-compliant Murabaha Deposit
  • A premium World Credit Card
  • Credit facilities 
  • Professional trading facilities for local shares

World Credit Cards

Enjoy travel rewards and luxur​ious offers around the globe with the world’s most Exclusive Credit Card.

A World of Benefits

The NCB World MasterCard is a Exclusive Credit Card that provides you with a host of exceptional benefits.

  • Enjoy round-the-clock customer service localy and internationally
  • A high credit limit
  • Receive special offers, upgrades and experiences to suit your lifestyle
  • Enjoy a waiver on Credit Card fees and most transaction fees
  • Receive exclusive offers from local and international vendors​​​

Wealth Management at NCB a unique service offering

To empower your business towards further success and to alleviate some of your countless responsibilities, we put within your hands today a dedicated Relationship Manager as well as a Wealth Manager from NCB Capital. They will work diligently to offer you expert banking and wealth management products and services that will positively impact your financial and investment assets. 

NCB Capital’s professional wealth management services include financial planning, investment advice and comprehensive portfolio management. Our services give you access to a wide range of traditional and innovative financial services that cater to your personal needs and achieve your financial objectives. 

Wealth management is an amalgamation of science and art professionally employed in asset allocation and the discerning balance of investment risks and performance. Our wealth managers are qualified investment professionals who aspire to assist you in making your financial decisions and selecting the investment programs that achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals. They are also specialized in financial planning, asset allocation and retirement planning. ​

As a valued Private Banking client, your personal Relationship Manager and Wealth Manager will be ready to offer you assistance and guidance wherever and whenever you may need.  


As a Private Banking customer, you will be assigned a personal Relationship Manager to manage your portfolio and provide you with one-to-one support.​

One-to-One Advice

The our dedicated Relationship Manager is to provide you with financial advice, helping you turn your personal objectives into achievable financial goals. By leveraging the expertise of the NCB Group, your Relationship Manager will develop a strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

we strive to foster a trusted partnership that inspires confidence. Your Relationship Manager is there to provide you with whatever services you require, from assistance with everyday banking to confidential financial advice.

As a Private Banking customer, you can rest assured that your wealth is in the most secure and capable hands.​​​​​​​

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