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AlAhli Takaful

Protect yourself and your assets with NCB's Shariah compliant Insurance

AlAhli Takaful

​For a better tomorrow, plan for the future​

As your family requirements change and become more demanding, there is an urgent need for sound planning to achieve future aspirations. For most parents, this is a reason for concern because the day-to-day living needs and financial obligations prevent them from planning and saving for their and their children’s future.​

NCB - a leader in providing Islamic banking services and programs, in coordination with ALAHLI TAKAFUL COMPANY - offers you an innovative and convenient financial solution that will help you achieve your objectives and provide security in a Shariah compliant way through AlAhli Protection and Savings Program, which provides you Protection Benefits in the event of death (God forbid) as well as a savings component to fulfill your financial needs while also providing you peace of mind.​

Islamic Solutions

AlAhli Protection and Savings Program is based on the cooperative insurance principle, which is approved by its Shari’ah Board. Participants in the program share responsibility and cooperate to take care of each other’s needs and cover any financial hardships due to untimely death (God forbid).

The program is administered on Shari’ah compliant principles by AlAhli Takaful Company who collects members’ contributions and directs a portion of their contributions to the Mortality Fund, which is used to cover any financial hardships due to the death of one of the members.​

One Concept … Various Applications​

AlAhli Protection and Savings Program is designed to suit your lifestyle, achieve your objectives and fulfill your saving requirements whether for retirement, children's education, children's marriage or any other goals you plan to accomplish.​

Features & Benefits

AlAhli Protection and Savings Program is known for its flexibility and affordability. Any NCB customer residing in the Kingdom between the age 18 and 60 years old, is eligible to subscribe with contributions starting as low as SR 280 monthly, SR 840 quarterly, SR 1,680 semi-annually or SR 3,360 yearly and for a minimum duration of 7 years.

The program provides its participants the following benefits:

Maturity Benefits: By investing the regular contributions in various Investment Strategies it offers long term savings that would allow you to reach your financial objectives.
Benefit Payable Upon Death: In case of death before the maturity of the program, it provides for payment of the Protection Benefit as shown in the certificate and ensures achieving the Participant’s initial financial goal.
• Wide Range of Options: The program is tailor-made to suit your personal needs, lifestyle and budget. It offers various options that you can choose from, at any time, in order to meet your changing personal requirements and needs:

  1. You can choose either the Hijri or Gregorian calendar to suit your cash flow.
  2. You can appoint and add up to 8 beneficiaries to the program.
  3. You can switch/redirect your contributions from one investment strategy to another, with 4 free switches/redirections a year.
  4. You can increase or decrease your contributions according to your budget.
  5. You can defer your contributions for 12 months (subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions) as well as pay additional lump sum contributions.

​​Fees & Charges

1. Entrance Fee:

Purpose: This is the fee charged for establishing and setting up the policy in the portfolio and/or system.

Rate: Once-Off Fixed Fee of SR 592.50

* This fee is collected within the first 6-7 months of the contract period.

2. Acquisition Fee​:

Purpose: This fee is charged for marketing and subscription responsibilities and efforts.

Rate: 1.6% x Annual Contribution x Term​​


Contribution = SR 500 per month

Term = 10 years

Entrance Fee = 500 x 12 x 10 x 1.6% = SR 960.00​

* This fee is payable within the first four months of the contract period​

3. Administration Fee​:

Purpose: This is the fee charged to properly administer & manage the policy throughout the term.

Rate: SR 31.25 or 0.14584% of Cash Value monthly, whichever is the higher.

* This fee is charged every month from the second month onwards and for the entire contract period.​

4. Mortality Charge:

Purpose: This charge is to provide the Protection Benefits and ensure claims can be paid.

Rate: Charged individually for each Participant based on age, amount of Protection. It may include extra loading where Participants suffers medical conditions or have dangerous vocations.​

5. Miscellaneous Fees​:

Finally, there are 2-3 other fees/ charges that may be incurred, though not significant and only levied in special instances. When Participants request extra Policy Statements beyond the four free ones provided annually by ATC, a fee of SR 100 is charged for every extra statement or where Participants wish to switch or do redirecting of their units/ contributions (beyond the four free ones allowed annually by ATC) in the savings element of the contract, a fee of 1% of the value of units redeemed is charged. ​​

Contact us​

 Visit any of our branches across the kingdom presenting a valid ID, and noting that you must be between 18 to 60 years of age.​

 Give us a call at 92 0011 282 if you have any questions. | Fax: 012 6901330 | Email:​

Mailing Address:

​PO Box 48510 

Jeddah, 21582

Saudi Arabia​​

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

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  • Will this program take all of my needs into consideration?

    - Yes, because the program is so flexible it can adapt to the unique needs of each individual.

  • Do I need to have a medical check-up to participate in the program?

    Initially, in most instances you will only be required to  answer a few standard medical questions that will determine your qualification for the Protection Benefits applied for. For those Participants with special medical conditions, or those who apply for higher amounts of Protection Benefits, a standard medical checkup may be required.​​

  • How can I participate?

    Visit one of our specialized branches where you will find an AlAhli program specialist who is highly qualified to assess your needs and assist you to determine the program that best suits your personal requirements and future objectives. The subscription procedure will be done promptly and you will have peace of mind knowing that your aspirations are protected through an innovative and Shariah compliant financial solution.

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