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"Ahalina": the Idea and Content 

"Ahalina" reflects the vision of NCB that regards our relations with the community the same as our relations with our families through a multi-faceted clear strategy that seeks to empower the community. Currently, there are three programs for community empowerment: AlAhli Productive Families Program to empower women, AlAhli Entrepreneurs Program to empower the youth, and AlAhli Orphans Program to empower the children. All these three programs are designed to provide the targeted beneficiaries with opportunities for education and training along with other supportive means that help them realize their aspirations in life. Moreover, "Ahalina" also invests the capabilities of AlAhli staff in awareness activities through AlAhli voluntary work program. Our contributions to "Ahalina" are just a little bit of our feeling that it is "our duty" to do so.​ Read more about Corpo​rate Responsibility​​​

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